Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Are Having a Financial Crisis!!!

For those of us who work… times are hard, real hard. Bush has really messed up things in America, and how did he do it? He was able to do it because of you. Yeah, you! You decided that your vote was not important, so he got reelected. That indecision on your part is something that we all are paying for now… and man, we are paying. Gas is around four dollars and it is effecting everything that we encounter. Such things like food, clothes, entertainment and more. I'ma be honest with you, this financial crisis is really jacking up my social life. I would love to go out for a night on the town, but between buying clothes at an elevated rate, paying for gas at an elevated rate, and buying dinner at an elevated rate, it's just not happening. One of my cousins commented to me the other day, after paying all that, he better get the drawers! Well… I'm not going to say all that, but I can see things from his perspective...

I need to ask Georgie… why did we go to war? Why? We invaded the country with the oil, and now we are paying more than ever humanly thought possible. It was told to me by a military official that our elevated gas prices are secretly funding the terrorists who plot against America. I thought that view was a bit extreme, but since I can not come up with a better reason for it, I have to accept it.

Bush hit us with a stimulus check, but damn, all that did for me was pay one month mortgage and put a dent in my electricity bill. As soon as it arrived, it was gone. Thanks a lot Bush! How about give us a gas break, a significant one at that, because this price gouging is killing everybody's pocket.

Another military member stated that the United States is in such debt, that the price gouging is in part to pay for this ill advised war. This war is ensuring that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Like many of my brothers and sisters, I am tired of being poor, and I want this trend to end, and end now.

My grocery bill has increased by at least $30 per week… and for gas, I pay approximately $65 dollars or more a week when at one time, it was only $30. I have to travel around 1000 miles a month in connection with my job, and get 44 cents a mile, but even with that, I am hurting at the pump.

I have two family reunions scheduled this summer… one in Detroit, and the other here in Charleston. I can easily afford the Charleston trip, haha, I live here. But that Detroit trip is going to hurt not only my pocket, but everybody in my family's pocket as well. My father said if we get a chartered bus, it would run $120 a head. What?!? The last time I did a bus trip is was around $40 a head… and that does not include the motel rate, the food, the entertainment, and the clothes, you know when you do the family reunion thing, you got to show out a lil bit… it's a subliminal rivalry between families, and unfortunately, this year, this part of the Blue clan will not be able to compete. We secede… it's all on you black.

For work purposes, I want to carpool, but in doing so, I probably can only do it two or three times a week, because of what my job entails. I want to park at K-Mart and take the CARTA bus to work… I am pleased that CARTA has maintained their pricing structure during this economical crisis and I may find myself being a loyal customer, and you should consider doing it too.

See, we are hooked on the oil reserves from other countries, and we are fiending for it to feed the veins of our big trucks, nice cars and fast bikes.

How do we shake this nasty addiction? Ride a bike? Carpool? Hitchhike? CARTA bus? Taxi? I don't know… but whoever wins this presidency has a lot of cleaning up to do. I will be praying for you Obama. America will pray for you.

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