Friday, June 20, 2008

The Latest Mission of Mister Blue

Felipe Khristopher Blue is a man on a mission. His mission is to change the Black perspective and empower Black men and women to become better individuals, partners, parents and community leaders. His mission statement is to empower through education and entertainment. He calls the concept E3. Through his company Empowerment Media, he, along with fellow colleagues, uses editorials and articles, presentations, seminars, workshops, interviews, videos and documentaries, music, and more to make positive changes for people that need positive changes.

His latest endeavor is improving the conditions of Black people, and that movement starts with Black men and Black women. In his first book, titled LOVE: A BLACK MAN'S PERSPECTIVE, due for release Fall 2008, Felipe addresses many issues that effect Black people. He addresses employment, education, past histories, relationships issues between man and woman and parents and children, community involvement, social norms, politics, sex and sexism, classism, ageism, racism, and the future of Black America as it lays before us on its present path and what Black people can do to make it better. He plans on working with other writers, poets, educational systems, non-profit organizations, and human service agencies, to make this project a meaningful success. His hope is that the book can galvanize change and bring forth more awareness for all those that such issues may have an impact. It's not just a Black book, it's a perspective book for all those affected by such social norms and attributes.

This book has manifested in the mind of Felipe Khristopher Blue for a number of years, but after working with a mental health agency, Charleston County School District, and the Department of Social Services, his determination to write this book was catalyzed. It was even more solidified after working with Dr. Dee Hann-Morrison on a project based on her book "Even Superwoman Needs To Cry Sometimes: An Intimacy Guide For Men Partnering With Strong Black Women". Her book is currently on sale at AMAZON.COM. She is a very interesting person and is one of the only people that helped me become more grounded and focused in the field of empowerment and in my educational pursuits.

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