Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! New Year! New Me!

New Year! New Me!
F. Khristopher Blue

A lot of people are disappointment because of what happened this past election year… And I admit, I too was disappointed… Hurt, depressed, anxious, disillusioned, so much more. My team and I hit the airwaves to share our disgust via our radio program M.O.C.K. Talk Radio and POLI-TRICKS but found the more I vented the more I became upset so I ceased such activities.

These last few days I had emotional, mental, and physical breakdown… I just couldn't do anything, nothing. I think I was overwhelmed regarding this transition but I know it also has something to do with my current caseload in my mental health practice. Nonetheless… I woke up today, this morning rather, with a new outlook… I told myself you sit in that chair and I told my alter self you stand there, now it  wasn't really my alter self but it was basically to put myself in the chair as if I was the client… What would I tell my client in this position?

What goals do I hope to achieve in this coming year…?

I hope to establish a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, and a good sleep regimen.

I hope to use my creative energy to make impact regarding bringing awareness to issues such as mental health, homelessness, physical disabilities and illnesses etc.

I hope to have a good study regimen so I can pass my certification test for my LCAS and then start another study regimen so I can pass my NCE so I could pursue my LPC. 

I hope to establish the greatest team of all time in this mental-health realm of community support team as well as community intensive services at freedom House recovery Center much like the one I had in the past but have not had in recent years. This is our year the team is there, I have the personnel, we can do this… We will do this!

Now before I get ahead of myself… I must be very realistic in my approach they are certain behaviors that I have that have caused me problems in the past such as not sleeping enough or oversleeping, have a negative attitude and aiming it at people who have nothing to do with it... Indicating that I am the pillar of this community but not following through with"pillar" like activities... Investment in things I don't need, not invested in enough things that I do need, not spending enough time with friends and family, spending too much time thinking about clients therefore not having a balance in life. Balance is key to success… I strive to have balance in 2017 if nothing else. I plan to succeed in 2017 if nothing else. I plan on being a better person in 2017 if nothing else.

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