Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017: A Year Without a Valentine

As I reflect back on this past week I title it "No Valentine".

It didn't start on Tuesday, actually started on Monday… Reeling from the agency wide mental health crises, we could say it began there… Trying to find a way to make sure my friends and coworkers could be utilized, saved, supported, transitioned to another gainful employment, I was overwhelmed and tired by the end of the day.

Come Tuesday,  multiple crises impacted my mental health caseload, as the team leader I have to orchestrate as well as be knowledgeable about all clients as well as develop treatment strategies to assist them with progress in their goals and avoid the pitfalls of the crisis. It was a long drawn out day that took longer than usual, or at least it seems… Barely registering that that day was a holiday for lovers. A few checkins came in my iMessenger, from coworkers and friends, a few male friends that kind of had me questioning their stance… But that was more about me then them, they clarified that there was no sugar in their tank, they just wanted to wish me well on this day…

So I got off later than usual, well, not so unusual, as I do cover mobile crisis Monday through Thursday usually… Made a few pitstops and made it home.

But I came home to no Valentine, no texts of love, no gifts of love, no words of love, no love... and I have to ask myself why?

I'll explore in new music, poetry, etc. 

Stay tuned.

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